How to clean pots on marshall amp

Is anybody familiar with this guitar amp , and if so could you give me a guideline on how to clean them or with what pots to replace them? Thank you in advance View attachment 78185 View attachment 78186 View attachment 78187 Feb 23, 2016 · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Fixing Pots on Amps- (crackles n vol jumps )-Simple, cheap, quick fix. I pulled tha amp out of the head cabinet and installed the standard tube retainers. 375 volts for the 401, I feel that the 1. Clip 3: Clean - Single Coil. WD40 is a kerosine, isopropyl alcohol is better to clean dust from the pot. Lay it gently on it's back so the eq and controls are facing up. When I have the amp cranked I really want to get a clean sound with my volume knob on my guitar. I have a 15 watt tube Marshall amp I've been playing since '88. If you don't know "pots I ve seen videos cleaning guitar amp pots , but they are not of my type . You will probably have to disconnect the speaker cable to get clearance and maybe the reveb tank if it has one. For instance, Joe Bonamassa, who can afford just about any amp he wants, uses a Silver Jubilee alongside a Dumble Overdrive Special. 3. 675 volts for the 201 and 1. My settings seem to change, and considering there's an extra tone control button on my amp, i have plenty to work with. Fender Amplifier Pot 250K J Taper Solid $5. No bias pots that I could see. com. While I completely agree it's a “dirty” pot, I do not agree to using a spray cleaner per se. You can call Marshall USA, get the part numbersorder from a Marshall dealer. Has scratching on pots when Parts is Parts, established in 1982, is the world's leading supplier of amplifier and guitar parts, and your official Vox and Korg parts center. Be sure to turn the pot’s shaft while spraying, ensuring that the solvent makes even contact with the interior. Try filling the pan with hot water and 1 cup of powdered dishwasher detergent. Remember that these tabs will not handle being bent more than a few times before  Pot and switches should be replaced if and when they've deteriorated to the point where they're too far gone, but short of that, GUITAR AMPS It's important to ensure that the potentiometers, or "pots," on your guitar or bass are clean. Several of the pots are scratchy on both amps. Oct 02, 2005 · Also in 1986, Marshall Inc. I use it as a practice amp to "normal" room volumes. Tips Make sure your stove top has not been in use for a while and that the heat has totally faded as this could produce unwanted marks. The head just had a full service done. known to man (including the MG series) but nothing, nada, for the CODE amps. The two gain knobs on the amp appear to be identical in nature. Either you have to buy the specific chassis that fits, make one yourself, or try to get it to fit other chassis. Its clean channel is rather warm and has a good overall feel which was a surprise considering that “clean” is something that Marshall’s are not particularly known for. Tube doesn't note the taper of these pots. I just swapped out resistors to bias it. Clean Patches - For maximum clean headroom and improved clean tones we recommend setting the "Volume" to 20 and keeping the front "Level" control set lower ; Clean 1 - Only engage "Clean 1" and set to 12 ; Clean 2 - Engaging "Clean 2" will give you a Mid Boost with added breakup ; Note - For all other settings please refer to Marshall JMP-1 Nov 15, 2017 · Probably seeking to downsize the model 1962, Marshall introduced the 1973X combo around 1966. The Magic Device The Pot Cleaning Cap is designed to work with 3/8 x 32-thread CTS-brand control pots and switches. Note the Bass Pot is wired as a variable resistor while the Treble and Mid Pots are wired as potentiometers. I know this is a barbaric method with which it is easy to snag and ruin a contact, especially if one is not paying attention to the direction of brush rotation, but if it's bad enough for me to have to manually clean, it's bad enough to go mid-evil on it. usable and quite musical. Step 3 – Turn your volume on about 3 or 4. in your amp, it has 2 x 1M volume pots, a 250k, 1M and a 25k in the tone Also give the valve base a good clean with contact Jan 27, 2018 · An exception would be if you have a coil tap on the guitar. Using an electronic tuner cleaner, put the plastic tube on the end of the spray can and insert it into the top opening of the pot. Hi. e. Power tubes are JJ's. the MKDS Knob is constructed so that the pointer on the front of the knob is directly behind the flat spot in the shaft hole on the back side of the knob. Coming in after this has been getting answers for well over a year. Pots are the moving thingies inside the unit on the other side of the knobs and buttons you use to operate the unit. Now it has a better range from clean to rip-your-face-off Marshall distortion. If this is too loud, then you need a lower wattage amp or an attenuator. If you have a 100-watt tube amp, it’s probably going to make more noise than a 15-watt tube amp. Bad input jacket or and cold solder joint or bad pots. Along with this new Reduction in Power Supply Filtering was the new PCB- mounted POTS and JACKS. I was playing around with Upgrading the pots in your electric guitar can be a great way to add some extra tone to your axe. Cleaning your tube pins is simple enough; rub a Scotch-Brite cleaning pad on the pins just enough to make them shiny again. 8 to 1 volt if you are using the test point and for the 201 to . Here is a pic. I just wasn't sure how to go about cleaning them. Shiieaat! Not Marshall 1987S Hiss/Hum Problems. Then work the pot really well and it should fix them up. I do have the upgraded footswitch. Several of the pots are  3 Jan 2015 Is anybody familiar with this guitar amp , and if so could you give me a guideline on how to clean them or with what pots to replace them? Open the control (potentiometer or "pot") by lifting the mounting tabs slightly. I tested both amps with a Gibson Les Paul and ES-135, a PRS McCarty, and a Fender Strat. re cleaning pots The best way is if you can get to the inside of the pot and spray some cleaner / lubricant in and then work the pot around. I used DeOxit to clean the pots and the tube sockets and all scratchiness went away. With your amp off 1. Trouble with the clean channel on a Marshall MOSFET Lead 100. It also comes and goes with use, it's not consistently I have a Marshall MG15DFX. New tubes (Groove Tubes 2x 6L6, 3x 12AX7) and electrolytic capacitors (F&T 50uF/50uf, 500V; Sprague 10uF, 150V). Sometimes switching from humbucking mode to single coil mode can cause noise. Apr 17, 2005 · Cleaned all jacks and pots numerous times. The Valvestate VS 265 ! The clean channel is typical of the clean channel on this Valvestate series. Its a place to start I guess. Marshall's handbook for this amp says the 'Volume' control on the clean channel controls the gain, and can get crunchy at high levels. However, there doesn't seem to be much clean up (i. hey. As an arena amp, you’d be hard pressed to find a more capable piece of machinery. Mainly I use the clean channel, the overdrive channel gives a good bluesy tone with a low level of gain. i played a Marshall 8040 Valvestate 40watt amp at a local store and fell in love with it. Part #MKDS: $2. Jan 02, 2020 · Clean the faders and buttons as you did the pots. Simply put, the 6550 can be used to create an amp that has a bit more power than with either the 6L6 or EL34. Bad contacts make for erratic sound – strange crackling noises and dropouts. ” —Alice Cooper. Original tubes and capacitors included. next dial in the bridge PU (on the guitar) to match the neck (you'll probably end up around 8 / 5 or thereabouts). Guitar AC signal voltage enters the tone stack at upper left and flows through all three tone caps. Cleaning the pots: The pots need to be cleaned if they produce a scratchy noise when rotated (except a presence control). pot on the overdrive volume ? I'm running solid state Marshall too (valvestate 100) and there's certainly potential for nice clean tones out of it. But I need a little help. And the ProGold formula is the shizzit for tube pins and for sockets. Paired with a 1x12 cabinet fitted with a lightweight Alessandro Neo 12 speaker, the whole rig—including Remote 1—weighed in at about 22 lbs. A week or so ago, i noticed episodes wherein the sound fades in and out. When I get a ‘59 Les Paul ‘Burst in the shop, this is a clean way to inject cleaner without having it splash throughout the control cavity onto those well-kept “Black Beauty” Sprague caps. The classic Marshall JCM800 amp, renowned for its rocking overdrive tones, is a sleeper clean-amp as well. so many useful features on this cool amp. If they still crackle, check for DC (what pots are they? Are they isolated by a silver mica cap? Should be the same as any other amp. beginner question about Park G10r amp scratchy pots and mods - schematic edited, surely someone can help?? OcdFx. “The volume control is a dual pot affecting gain in two places in the circuit,” Steve Carr tells us. Turns out it's just extremely dirty pots with dead spots. etc. A friend of mine has a Marshall amp that he thought was near dead. Use the MCL on the pots. If the pot is very worn out so strips are seen on the contact path soft pencil may help to prolonge it's life. Jul 13, 2014 · The beam tetrode 6550, the standard tube in the Marshall AFD100, is similar to the 6L6 and came to life in 1955. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Marshall JCM-2000 DSL-100 100 watt Guitar Amp at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! The VS65R ! The clean channel is typical of the clean channel on this Valvestate series. 9mm ID, 15mm OD. Might as well get some contact cleaner and spray all the pots and clean the jacks while you've got it opened up. two channels (clean and OD), 3-band EQ, guitar input and headphones out. There's spares for just about every other Marshall amp. The iron looked about the same size as the 15H. The way the pots are connected, they won't fit a marshall 18watt type chassis without separating the pots, I suppose. Its like they put to pots in series that produce the same kind of drive and tone. The ultimate home practice facility. All 9 pots are labeled B10K. 14 Sep 2009 Be sure to get the right product for the job as often people have used a switch cleaner (such as Servisol Super 10) on pots, which actually  2 Jan 2011 To clean dirty pots, you'll need a spray cleaner or lubricant commonly available at any electronics parts store. . Also a great platform for pedals. Loud enough to get a clean sound if you want it and to not choke the amp. 400 to . The chassis is ready to go (NO extra holes purposely built for this amp). By the way, I have a Blues jr, which I find too typical and compressed, a peavey classic 30 (sensitive to mics and not too versatile), a JCM 900 (good clean and good distortion but it breaks down too often), two Marshall 8080 (muddled and a bit cold, not to mention the crackling pots and the loose solder joints), a Vox VT30+ (too boxy, decent when I bought the amp, some of the pots were scratchy as hell. I cleaned them all with contact cleaner and replaced the od channel gain pot. The guitars used were a 1985 Ibanez Roadstar II Dec 06, 2013 · I got an old Yamaha G100-410 100 watt 4x10 guitar amp that had some scratchy pots. Clean the pots the amp may not work right (in the case of a JCM800 Marshall, if the short isn't working on your low gain input Jan 23, 2012 · Hello I have a friends amp here. What I want in the amp is a good clean sound and overdrive for rock/blues - not really high gain metal. I love this amp and the best part of it is it's light. It's a great feeling to rediscover something that we had long ago, and didn´t remeber it. Make sure that there are no bad solder 4 Dec 2015 Just picked up a couple of 80s vintage guitar combo amps: a Dean Markley RM- 80-DR and a Yamaha G50-112. The clean channel sounds very clear and twangy, and it faithfully reproduces the guitar signal. Standard original Marshall® control knob, push-on type, for D-Shaft pots used in the following Marshall® amp models: TSL100. Set of 6 washers and 6 nuts. These washers typically fit the original pots used in vintage Marshalls, and the original Marshall® replacement pots that we sell. Pots Cleaning On Dsl401. How to clean scratchy amp pots? it appears I need contact cleaner WITH lube for the pots, and contact cleaner WITHOUT lube for jacks? but the lube will help a Paid $140 for a slightly dinged, but new floor model. You can get at a hardware store, Lowes, Menards, Sears maybe, or sometimes Walmart. It always was a very dark and muddy sounding amp, The clean channel was pretty much useless to me and the clean channel with crunch on was just okay, but I made the best of it, but always was searching the internet at different MODs, I tried to bias it myself but could not get it hot enough to achieve to tone I wanted. I just ordered some Sozo caps. The clean channel is a bit weak but I think solid state amps always lack a good clean tone. Unfortunetly, these type pots are being used on a number of amps, and they are very low quality / short life. Remove the case from your receiver or amplifier. Scrape the burned sugar with a spoon or other tool with an edge with the water still in the pan. I liked it so much that I went the extra mile on the restoration of it and changed all its pots, tubes and electrolytic caps. Marshall recommends a setting of . . the clean channel volume had a 5k log. Is there any special way or cleaner to use to clean the pots? Regular use of the amp may cure scratchy pots, though if it does not, Caig Deoxit  A guitar amplifier (or amp) is an electronic device or system that strengthens the weak electrical To produce this relatively "clean" sound, these amplifiers often have powerful amplifiers (providing up to A variety of labels are used for level attenuation potentiometers (knobs) in a guitar amplifier and other guitar equipment. Hi I have a CODE 100H head/cab and a CODE 100 combo both with the latest firmware re-installed from Marshall and both have this issue, i. This will fix you up for amp maintenance. Troubleshooting your tube amp. Leave the tubes out of your amp for the socket cleaning steps. Here's the new front beauty shot. what are the specs. 80's vintage Marshall solid state amp. Only 50W, but still ferociously loud. “I’m 18, and I like it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk In a vintage Fender amp “tweed disease” can cause this unwanted noise to spoil your tone. i picked up a used marshall mg10 amp. e. Volume pots allow the signal level going to the power amp to be set anywhere between 0 and the full pre-amp output level. I have played it for 5 hours or so, breaking it in and tweaking it a bit – I increased the negative feedback to increase the versatility of the amp. If the pots are scratchy when the amp is on and running. I think it is basically the same amp but with some basic effects (reverb, chorus, delay and flange). I'm looking for some Allen/Bradley resistors for part of the board. however it was defective. I play in two Cover bands that cover Pop/Classic Rock/Country/Hard Rock etc and this amp does it all. Some of these may even surprise you. Then turn the pot back and forth to work it in and clean/lubricate the wiper and resistive material. So I'm having a little trouble with this amp. YouTube Roy Blankenship Amp Repair Shop - 1 - Duration: 51:02. The fix is to clean the tube socket contacts and tube pins. Fender Pots Marshall style and Pots, Pots for guitars Mesa Boogie Pots Dual Pots Push-Pull Pots Wah pots und accessories Peavey and Hughes & Kettner Pots Engl Pots Amp Knobs Potentiometer-Set´s Resistors Transformers Reverb Cans / Effects Switches + Optocouplers Coverings Cables, Jacks & Plugs Parts for Guitars High Fidelity Tools and accessories You guys with 201 and 401 amps have to take the amp apart to get the test points and trim pot. Deoxit is also good for all electrical contacts. Looked very clean and with professional workmanship. With the guitar unplugged and  Artisan Luthiers in Kennesaw, Georgia, offers guitar amp repair services in replacing switches, and cleaning pots we can fix most guitar pedal problems. Alternative amp suggestions are also helpful. Inspect all the power supply caps carefully. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Also, if your amp is designed for high gain settings, it will most definitely make more noise than an amp designed to run cleaner. To be fair, this type of design suits some "clean" guitar styles such as electric jazz, Typically 1M, 500K minimum (humbucking pickup guitars have volume pots  full volume from very early in the pot's travel, this allowed vintage non-master- volume overdrive pedal into a clean-ish amp to create a secondary, overdriven sound, the bright Try cranking up a Tweed Fender amp or a Marshall JTM45. The internals of the amp are very clean and fully functioning. g. gain had a 1M but the volume on the overdrive channel had a 5k linear pot B5k. A lot should come loose. Marshall Amp Forum. Hi, I havent had any problems with my 2 Code100h that i run in stereo in my marshall 1960v cabs, in any way until now, besides the usual dirty pots. You have to get a drop of this stuff inside the pot, from the back, usually there's a little hole in the pot casing. of the amps. Observation Deck. Parts is Parts, established in 1982, is the world's leading supplier of amplifier and guitar parts, and your official Vox and Korg parts center. I have attached what mine looks like. When I use any sort of gain, or even an od pedal through the clean channel, there is a slight crackling noise in the ‘background’. It doesn't fade out completely; it just goes from the normal sound/volume I have set up, to relatively soft, with the noticeable drop in volume. Just turn it on and have fun. How do you clean them out with control de oxidation spray if there sealed? Another question is how do they get dirty if there sealed, doesn't being sealed prevent them from getting dirty. Aug 15, 2017 · Fender-style amps have always been considered the benchmark for terrific clean sounds, but British amps can achieve great cleans too. He had the edge with clean sounds, though. Scrub the tube contacts and socket, clean the metal-to metal jack contacts and clean the pots with deoxit. Oct 31, 2014 · The following Marshall Super Lead tone tips and tricks will enable you to get much more versatility out of this legendary amplifier. The MG-10 is a 10W solid stage guitar amplifier by Marshall. I think it's pretty damn good myself and it's perfectly adequate for my needs. This is an amazing sounding amp. You can clean the pots by using Tuner 600 or any electric contact cleaner spray available. They are top mounted knobs, so that's probably the case. Feb 22, 2014 · this video may help with how to clean pots on other electronic equipment as well. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Marshall DSL Series DSL40C 40 Watt Valve 2 Channel Guitar Amplifier Combo at Amazon. Twist the pot while the MCL is in there, but avoid doing that with the Doxit to help keep your pot healthy. It's a real Marshall amp so Yes, he used a Marshall amp. Thanks to a switch also named 'The Beast' on the amp's front panel, it can. 4) Do not spray the tuner gang. The front panel packs three identical sets of controls including gain, master volume, bass, mid, treble and presence, together with a two-way toggle switch that changes the channel gain and voice. For those interested in taking advantage of both channels to employ a clean sound as well as a dirty one, you need only use an A/B box. shouldnt it be a log. How to Clean and Lubricate a Slow or Sticking Sunroof Mechanism using DeoxIT September 20, 2019 / by bballaro Bringing a 1980s cassette boombox back to life with Deoxit | Tape player maintenance If you want to read similar articles to How to Remove Scratches from your Glass Ceramic Stovetop, we recommend you visit our Home cleaning category. Or roll back the volume on your guitar. it only starts to clean up very low on the pot) and when I do drop the volume on my guitar it gets really really muddy and you can't really get a good tone. of the pots. But no worries because if you want a nice clean ish break up just roll back the gain on the overdrive channel and it sounds great. Tonally, it’s in the same vain as the 6L6: clean, little distortion and an almost ‘glassy’ feel. 99 (Single Knob) Marshall® DSL50 Parts: Marshall® DSL100 Parts : Marshall® Capacitors: Marshall® Corners and Handles: Marshall® Fan s: Marshall® Footswitch Boxes: Marshall® Fuse Holders: Marshall® Hardware: Marshall® Jacks: Marshall® Jack Plate: Marshall® Lights: Marshall® Knobs: Marshall® Pots: Marshall® Potentiometer Kits: Marshall® Power Cords The Marshall 5005 Lead 12 is a solid state amp with 12W of power, 10" Celestion speaker, two inputs, and a headphone/line output. DeoxIt is agressive, it needs to be carefully removed from contacts after cleaning them, so I am afraid it can't be used to fix pots. 2 channels (clean/dirty) with nice built in chorus. They were Marshall labeled. Anybody looking for a great, versatile, tight Marshall type amp should definitely checkout out this amp. But no worries because if  6 Nov 2019 Deoxit can be used to clean visible oxidation (rust) and For cleaning and lubricating potentiometers ("pots") or contacts, the standard "D5" spray should be used. Anyone know if it will work without wreck FOR SALE - Boston, MA - Model 8240 - 40 watts. It’s something we do all the time in Sweetwater’s Guitar Shop but upgrading your guitar pots isn’t just for pros -anyone with a soldering iron and little know-how can do it. ) I have had Marshall digital amps in the past and wasn't impressed at all. First thing I did before I fired it up. The simpler 50 watt power amp is shown below but the 100 watt power amp used in the Super Lead Plexi and 2103 and 2203 Master Volume amps simply had two additional power tubes in parallel with the two shown below. An old towel on the bottom will save your work bench from the drips. and this INCLUDES the Marshall store itself. Just buy the whole set. It provides a stunning warm tone, thick midrange and sweet The Metropoulos Amplification GPM 45 Head accurately re-creates the head version of a 1965 era Marshall JTM 45. This shows how to repair a guitar pot instead of having to replace it with a Once you have removed the affected pot (potentiometer) from the guitar, set it on a  It really does sound like Marshall overdrive. Bought a boss Katana, bought an Egnater Vengeance, messing with my TSL settings and swapping out valves etc etc. No, this isn't my old JCM900 thread. One thing to note – NONE of these involve modification to the original Marshall circuit. In typical amp circuits all three tone caps also function as coupling caps to prevent high voltage DC from flowing downstream. Then listen to them. Lead 12 Pot replacement. The first thing was to look at that clean channel and to make that very first mode of the clean channel and make it like the original Marshall 6100. It is a four-channel amp with three modes per channel. i want a practice amp. We stock original Marshall switches and logs, cab feet, ohms selectors and voltage seletors. Greetings all, I recently opened my brothers amp to clean some scratchy pots. This technique works on bad volume pots or faders in guitar amps, bass amps, PA heads, mixers, consoles, and just about everything else with an analog volume pot. You can also thicken up your clean tone by turning up the resonance control to add low frequency harmonics. What I was looking for in pedals, I got here in this amp. Other than the obvious (remove amp from cabinet) what is the best way to clean the various pots? Put the head on a towel in case theres some leakage, then spray into the pot cans through the opening where the electrical contacts are. so i have a gorilla 15 watt bass amp, and im planning on using it as one of my many expieremental guitar amps that i dig up. Although it's a solid-state amp, it provides a pure vintage sound that reminds me of an JCM800. Email me Guitar, Amp Pot 10KL. Since I had the amp out of the head cabinet, I decided to rebias it "colder" as I was planning too. anyway, here's my questions. But it wasn’t. Part #JNUT-38-6 when I bought the amp, some of the pots were scratchy as hell. When I jammed with my friend who had a JCM2000, for some reason, my distortion tone was much more rich and saturated than his. Here is a video showing how to clean a jack: I've seen WD- 40 used to clean volume pots before, but I've also been told it will wreck the pot altogether. Dirt can cause bad connections. The Resonance Control, like the Presence Control above, affects only the phase inverter and power tubes. The thing is I've never done this before and was wondering if someone could give me a few tips. That requires pulling the amp chassis to get access to the back side of the pots, even then , some pots are sealed , they don't have a slot where you can spray the cleaner. Unplug your amp 2. 375 is way too hot and recommend a setting of between . The only amp I've ever used is a Marshall VS102R combo amp. (cleaning may not actually fix the pot) Remove pot and match it up to a good replacement, such as Bourns. View. [Repair/Troubleshooting] Marshall MG15CDR problem, how to identify and fix? The line in jack has always been kind of wonky, just giving a high pitched feedback tone regardless of if a line was inserted or not, but if I rotated the patch cord enough it would send the signal fine with no problems. For cleaning the contacts, I use a wire brush on a Dremel tool. 58 user reviews on Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V The amp's response is transparent but the clean sound could be rounder and warmer. the amp very oftenn completely freezes when I save a preset. Early '90s Marshall JCM 900 amplifier, model 4500, 50W. I like to use Caig DeOxit. Mar 29, 2018 · Scratchy-sounding pots can be prevented by blowing compressed air into the pot’s housing and following up with a couple of squirts of a deoxidizing spray to clean the connection. Use three good bursts per pot or one good burst for every obvious hole in the pot. Pull out the chassis and spray the pots with some contact cleaner. Sorry if this was covered before, I did a search but couldn't find anything specific to this amp. Works great for all scratchy pots , I use it on guitar and amp repair works great. It seems to always been stuck in overdrive for some reason. 6 Nov 2019 It's something we do all the time in Sweetwater's Guitar Shop but upgrading your guitar pots isn't just for pros -anyone with a soldering iron and  Fender Pot , Snap-in, B100K, PC mount, with bracket: Reverb Control of the Twin Fender Pot, 50KB, D-Shaft, PC Mount used e. The amp is roughly 5 years old and sits around a lot and is used once a week or so. I used it on all the tube pins/sockets, and all the jacks on the amp. I guess, a Marshall is a Marshall, even on of these 90s Valvestates. I bought it to go back and fourth from band member's houses due to the weight of my Marshall Dsl40c and it does not disappoint. It delivers a warm, punchy clean tone for a surprisingly loud range, the typical gritty drive you expect from a Marshall when cranked. But what if you don’t need a 4x12 cab or have roadies at the ready? Marshall’s new Mini Jubilee is an excellent possible Genuine Switchcraft® nut and washer set for the blackface/silverface Fender® bias pot, Mesa Boogie pots, and the CTS or Alpha pots with 3/8" bushing (found on original vintage Fender® blackface and silverface), as well as Peavey® and Switchcraft® 1/4" jacks. Fender-y when you want it to be, bluesy when you have to be and authentic 1960's British tones at every turn of a knob. I'm building a Marshall style amp and need to know what pots are best for smoothness and reliability. pulled the chassis to see what was inside. So if you get bad results, just buy a better guitar. There are spray "contact cleaners" available for this purpose, but in most cases just mixes the dirt and Just picked up a couple of 80s vintage guitar combo amps: a Dean Markley RM-80-DR and a Yamaha G50-112. I can't tell which pot in the schematic is that control, but it must be before the tubes. Some dude sprayed something in there to clean it and no it just spins freely. Tolex has a few nicks, original footswitch is missing, but the amp sounds great. If you own a fan-cooled amplifier or preamplifier, regular internal cleaning is Some of these materials may also be used to clean potentiometers, switches  This is the G25R guitar amplifier model made by Marshall. The higher you crank up the gain on your amp, the more noise it’s going to make. They've done it since I got the amp, so I figured they were just dirty. Nov 15, 2017 · Amp 1 is extremely convenient for gigs compared to lugging around a combo or half stack. 3 channels, onboard reverb and chorus. 9 user reviews on Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991] it's a transistor amp 75 Watts RMS connectors: Behind the amplifier: an effects loop (send and return), an outlet line out (never tested), a headphone jack (very good play without drang family, neighbors . 2 amps that I'm considering to get is the Marshall DSL or the Blackstar Ht Club 40. Amazing amp. Not only is the sound quality of your Marshall MG Series amp of a standard that you would only expect to come from Marshall’s own design team. For me, that was one of the greatest clean Marshall tones that would accept a pedal distortion. Do I have to remove the knobs and if so, how? This is my first build and the kit is VERY well put together. Those looking for the true Marshall sound only need use an original, unmodified Super Pot and switches should be replaced if and when they’ve deteriorated to the point where they’re too far gone, but short of that, cleaning them can often prove helpful. Smooth as Formica clean channel, classic Marshall distotion (Albeit non-valve in quality). Any used amp deserves a checkup. Go get some de oxy contact cleaner or electronic contact/switch cleaner. I managed to get out the PCB in a decent way and thought about contact cleaner, but we decided it'd be cool to just replace all of them. I think you should go get a can of DeOxit, a can of MCL and a tube of ProGold. The tone is warm and creamy in all the right ways. If you want to be able to dial in that special Marshall amp sound without actually purchasing a Marshall amp, check out The Guv'nor overdrive pedal. The head just had a full service checkup, and it's running perfectly. I found two schematics using one opamp, one of them is standard amp and the other one offers distortion effect. as Clean Volume in Fender  Shop for the CAIG DeoxIT D5S-6 Spray, Contact Cleaner / Rejuvenator, 5 oz. the 2 volume pots and the gain pot were broke and need replacing. pot . If you’ve never tried plugging into the low input of a JCM800, you’re in for a nice surprise. This is something you should observe when guitarists bring their own amps to your studio. I love the sound of it, but I also would really like a totally clean channel to go with it. The schematic at Dr. I forgot to check what brand preamp tubes. What's the best way to clean dirty pots? Both pre-gain knobs on my 5150 combo cause static/scratyness when they are adjusted. Selection of tsl100 boards, marshall caster and amp knobs. They are additive. I took apart the amp and used contact cleaner to spray the dirt and crud from the pot's. Though small in stature, it did make an appearance on the ZZ Top recording of "My Head's In Mississippi" and is a solid candidate for your next practice amp. I also want to mod the amp for a better clean Marshall 1987 Lead, 2204 Master Volume Lead and JCM800 Lead Series 50 Watt Power Amp. I'll gladly pay the extra for an amp for the manufacturer to upgrade the pots, which see most of the mechanical Replacement metric washer for the Marshall® 24mm pots (P-Vxxxx-M24) which have brass colored threaded bushings. Marshalls have good pots so its normally just dirt and moisture causing the scratchyness. you do NOT dial in your amp with dimed guitar pots ! set up a solid clean / light crunch tone with the neck PU @ 6 / 6 (vol / tone). 500 is good. 9 Sep 2008 It's called the Pot Cleaning Cap and it gets the job done in less than for cleaning dirty, noisy control pots and switches in guitars and amps. 22 Nov 2016 Some Marshall amp heads allow you to switch from pentode to triode tube amp head has three modes: one with Hammett's clean sound and the tweaking of your guitar's pots as well as stomp and amp settings, you can . You’ll need to get some dirt out of that amp too. You’d be surprised how much this affects the tone of the amp. As a general rule the harder you push an amp the lower the resonance control should be set. Swapping a lot of pickups, drop tuning to B which is my new favorite. It appears to be cathode biased. Apr 29, 2013 · Okay, making the Marshall schematic I posted is too big bite for me, so I'll just start by something more simple. After spraying the cleaner, push the button or slide the fader back and forth for about a minute. Your input and thoughts on this??? Also: how difficult would it be to obtain the specs. Bring to a boil on your stove, and simmer for 1/2 hour, watching that it does not boil dry. Dec 28, 2016 · A Tube amp is rated in clean watts and they usually have additional driven gain. THIS will be your home base from now on. $6. From my experience, that’s the tipping point. I like to play rock and blues on my Fender Nashville Telecaster and on my modified (Tex-Mex pickups) Fender Powerhouse Stratocaster. Home » Ask Amp Man: Beware the Clean Ones! That and a good cleaning of the pots, jacks, and the sockets, and the amp should be good to go. It's going to be a 100w Marshall with master volume and effects loop. I've been really tone searching a lot lately. Marshall 9001 3-Channel 4-Voicing Tube Guitar Preamp with the original cable and footswitch, a great value added to this preamp! This pre-amp makes the most Glorious Marshall sounds I’ve ever heard and Marshall created it to duplicate the Plexi, the 800 and some others. I am trying to save the "in amp" tuner as a patch or an effect on a patch as the instructional video states. Apr 22, 2009 · I’m going to show you how to fix PA or guitar / bass amp scratch volume pots in just a few minutes or less. To clean faders and push buttons, you'll have to sometimes spray the contact cleaner behind the controls from the front of the unit if access is impossible from the inside without major disassembly. The bias in the new JVM four channel Marshall's is the same as the DSL/TSL amps but Marshall inconveniently moved the test points and trim pots to the inside of the amp so you have to remove the amp from the chassis where you will find the same three prong test point setup with two trim pots. if you gain one up half way cranking the second up half way is like cranking the first to max. As the clean channel is kept low to prevent distortion, you will have to turn the knob higher to match the volume of the dirty channels. Our Tubeset for the Marshall 6100/6101 with 5881 Power Tubes features our RT008 ECC83 WA TAD Premium Selected in the first position (V1) as the input tube for the clean channel. Mar 19, 2009 · 3) Spray deoxit into pots one at a time. How to Clean the Controls on Your Amplifier: Is that crackling and popping when you turn the controls on your amp driving you crazy? Here's how to clean them and get back to the music. it would sound fine, then it would stop working, and you would have to turn it on and off a couple times to make it work again. Nov 15, 2017 · The second amp to be reissued is the 2061X, which is based on the model 2061 Lead &Bass 20-one of a series of 20-watt heads offered by Marshall between 1967 and 1973. Lube is not a cleaner, it may loosen up and get a pot functioning, but it does not clean. The Twin Clean Drive is designed to provide extra clean gain and body to a single channel tube amp- It is NOT a distortion box, and not really designed to boost an already distorted sound- It does what it does brilliantly and offers two distinctly different types of guitar sound. A few years ago, I used to have a Marshall 6100 30th anniversary amp, which I really liked. Marshall Amp Parts for marshall amps. His master volume potentiometer is shot. very bell like and with the complex harmonics that are only attainable with valves! Selling a used but great condition marshall jcm 800 series 1959 super lead. It features 6-1/2" speaker, 2 channels: clean and overdrive, volume and tone controls, to the chassis using the input/output jacks and potentiometers, not using additional screws. The response is not very compressed like on Valvestate amps or new Marshall models. Feb 26, 2013 · I played without pedals, just guitar and amp. I am very happy with it. I have had several Marshalls and this thing is fantastic. Clean and quiet pots. Most of the times it is an oscillating opamp in those Marshall amps. But his core, underlying tone, comes from that Fender ‘recipe’. decided to reduce the number of Filter Capacitors from (6) to (3)!!!! Ouch. An amp over 20 watts without a master volume is going to be almost useless to you unless you’re playing large And all of their kits have pre-populated boards and PC mounted pots all connected together. There is a video explaining this and the remedy and you can view it here: Also remember to clean your tube sockets regularly. I did notice when your on the clean channel and crank the gain pot on the dirty channel,it slightly lessons the ghost notes in the background. I can solder, and I know what I'm doing but the thing is I can't find a replacement pot! I believe it's a 11mm B10K vertical pot, but I can't find that value anywhere. I'm on the blue channel 90% of time just using my guitar's volume to clean things up. Most potentiometers were scratchy, there were leaky capacitors and the reverb did not always work. Are all of the above pots audio taper? VR10 on the schematic has a small "HV" or "MV" noted to the left of the device. The amp in this video is an 80's 35 watt Peavey Backstage Plus. BluGuitar also offers its own lightweight speaker cabinet, although we didn’t have it in time for this review. The new GFS Electronics Twin-Sound pedals make any guitar amplifier a channel switching amp. Selling a used but great condition marshall jcm 800 series 1959 super lead. Very clean looking and quality parts we just started assembling the chassis and checked all the pots resistors and caps for proper values everything was great. I also fixed a problem that is common with these amps in the midi circuit, where the channel leds stay lit and channels won't Nov 15, 2017 · With a Telecaster and the amp in 5-watt mode—and the Gain less than halfway up—I was able to elicit some sparkling clean tones that really shined through my open-back Fender 1x10 and 1x12 cabinets. However the circuit board is easily damaged by inexperienced soldering. Does this indicate anything important about this pot? Also, if anyone could recommend a source for these Alpha pots, I'd greatly appreciate it. These amps just do not have that familiar Marshall "Thump" or just plain out balls! Which also meant a cut in actual POWER as well. I clean all the pots when servicing the amp. In 1965 Marshall unleashed the first 100-watt head, the biggest, loudest guitar amp to date. Add water if needed. not Marshall's strong suit, but usable and musical enough. Jul 22, 2009 · This can damage a tube amp, so you’ll want to stay away from diagnosing the problem by playing at high volume while you bang on the top of the amp! A rousing rendition of “Smoke on the Backline” can often follow. Aug 26, 2000 · For a reasonably priced tube combo amp, the DSL 201 has a nice range of tones. I'm trying to help someone out, the volume on their pre amp has the tell tail scratchy static and its cutting out during adjustments. The cable is the next item to check. And I play everything from Jazz to Metal. I had the amp biased at 70% power but I read in several places that 60% is really the best for JCM800s. Just looking for some opinions on which would be best. All pots are smooth with no fuzz and his amp cranks like you wouldn't believe. Also check the jack, the switch and pots to make sure they are clean and there is no crackle. (If you’re confused by the model numbers and issue dates, welcome to the club!) This amp produced 18 watts from a pair of EL84 power tubes, and it also featured a tube-driven tremolo. I used some CRC contact cleaner I had lying around. and so hire a professional to do the job. All pots are smooth with no fuzz and this amp cranks like you wouldn't believe. The Marshall G15RCD also has a CD input to allow you to play along to CD’s. A5k . I have a few scratchy/dirty pots that I would like to clean with a can of Deoxit. Steps to reproduce: - Modify any patch on the front panel - Save - 50% of the times the amp seems to freeze. 00 Blackstar HT5R Tone Control, Clean Channel, MCPOT15043. I wanted an smallish amp with either a classic Fender or Marshall sound. The Triple Crown TC-50 is a three-channel amp, with independent preamps covering clean, low-gain and high-gain ranges. Deoxit is great for switch contacts and jacks , however. When the amp is 100% again I'll throw in a fancy trimpot and maybe look around for mods. The pots got slightly looser and the scratching subsided some but not 100%. Nov 15, 2017 · Jumping off from the blackface Bassman-inspired platform, there’s plenty more going on within the hand-wired, point-to-point interior—all in the name of expanding the vocabulary of this predominantly clean-sounding amp. At the same time, the company went small, unveiling three 18-watt combos that looked like scaled-down editions of the JTM-45, Marshall’s earlier flagship model. The amp’s EQ is simple and effective, as any setting pretty much gets you exactly what you need without having to resort to excessive knob The Marshall Super Lead is a two channel amplifier with high and low sensitivity inputs for both channels. Does NOT fit the 24mm Marshall® pots. Jul 31, 2013 · Step 2 – Make sure you are plugged into the clean channel of your amp and there is no overdrive button pushed in. You can really hear the difference that the tube makes in the sound of this amp. I wanted to find a way to get a clean sound out of it without altering the amp. A Fender-style amp is your best bet for getting in the ballpark of Stevie’s tone. It really does sound like Marshall overdrive. If there's a bulge in the top of the cap, it should be changed. His exact recommendation for restoring old pots was to use SE D100 spray, it's best one to have he said because it's safe even on vintage antique pots where D5 or lesser mix formulas can actually damage some older non metallic components in pots. I recently acquired a Peavey Windsor head, and as some of you may know, it is a single channel amp that doesn't like to clean up. Here you can find some reviews: For sale is a vintage 1982 Marshall JCM800 Model 1992 Super Bass MKII 100 watt tube amplifier head. The Jan 26, 2018 · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Marshall DSL15C DSL Series 15-Watt Guitar Combo Amp at Amazon. Be sure to turn them a bunch after spraying. “My first wife said, 'It's either that guitar or me,' -- I give you three guesses which To keep your equipment looking new, a regular schedule of cleaning is necessary. Plus whatever kind of mods I might mess with. 00. Marshall Lead 12 troubleshooting guidance needed My thought is first try a good clean of input jacks and pots, and a check of the board to see if the traces and King has dubbed his main 2203 'The Beast' and Marshall took scrupulous readings from both the amp and King's own EQ pedal to ensure the new head could recreate the tone on demand. All the mods I did to that amp (conversion to EL34s, good tubes, V30s) made the amp sound ten times better, but I couldn't get past the sizzle those evil clipping diodes were producing, even with the gain only halfway up and the presence at zero. And while you’re at it clean the pots and jacks as well. We need to first find a very nice sounding clean channel that we can then modify to our taste. This pedal was created in the late 80s to replicate the drive tones of the Marshall Plexi and JCM800 amps. If possible, unplug the speaker(s) connected to the amp and connect an alternate speaker using an alternate speaker cable. Thanks! There's spares for just about every other Marshall amp. how to clean pots on marshall amp